Josh Joshua Kowalski is a 26-year-old trainee doctor whose life is dominated by solving the murder of his friend, Lindsay Derrick. Lindsay was drowned in 2016 and the killer was never brought to justice.

He is British. He has a degree in medicine.

Physically, Josh is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with walnut skin, brown hair and green eyes.

He grew up in a middle class neighborhood. Having never really known his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

He is currently in a relationship with Shantelle Taren Darcy. Shantelle is 5 years older than him and works as a sales assistant.

Josh’s best friend is a trainee doctor called Norman Howard. They are inseparable. He also hangs around with a trainee doctor called Gavyn Gene. They enjoy binge-watching boxed sets together.


Study nature
Nature is a gift
A second spring
Smiles of nature
Just let it rain


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